January 2020 has been… a lot. The Australian bushfires, Iran, earthquakes, viruses, Kobe… it’s hard to keep track. But the universe has seen fit to cram in one last “I’m sorry, what?” moment just before the end of the month. Elon Musk just dropped a new EDM record titled, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.”

Remember this isn’t the first music track that Elon has dropped. He put out “RIP Harambe” last year. But now he’s in the studio with Tom Norris, aka getyoursnackon, (in blue, pictured below), who has worked with Skrillex, on Madeon’s new album, and Illenium’s as well, for “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.”

“Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” is actually a pretty beautifully composed progressive house track once you get over the initial shock factor. Of course it’s not the best song you’ll ever hear, but the melodies are on point, the sort of atmospheric vibe full of reverb is definitely a nice touch, and Elon’s own vocals inject a degree of personability to the whole affair.

You can check it out below.