In hip hop artist Erich Mrak’s singles released last year, he’s begun to explore even more experimental sounds and production. Still firmly rooted in indie hip hop, singles like “City Lights,” “Navigate” and “Rip Tide” started to sound more on the electronic, sort of trip hop wavelength. His starkly personal lyrics also became more melodic.

It’s almost like Mrak is creating his own genre and if this is the case, what a wonderful genre it would be. Contemplative trip hop? Dream EDM? Who knows. In the meantime. Mrak’s got our attention with his soulful project and now he’s expanding into the visual realm.

Mrak has tagged See You In September as a visual accompaniment to his singles “Navigate” and “Rip Tide,” but really the “visual” is a short film, or two short films with the same subject involved. It seems also that the tracks have been remixed slightly for the film but whether they were or not, the imagery is just as stark, beautiful and contemplative as Mrak’s music.

With the concept and screenplay being written by Mrak, the visual has his flare for raising more questions than it answers but appears the lone actor is involved with some mental health struggles and drugs. He seems to be losing his way because of it, as various vignettes with him in different settings flash across the screen. It’s clear by the end that whatever he’s been doing to cope is no longer working as his life flashes before his eyes and the last scene leaves the biggest question mark of all. We don’t want to spoil it; visual and music should be experienced together and everyone should draw their own conclusions but no mater what, it’s powerful.

It’s unclear whether See You In September refers to new music coming out this September or whether Mrak is working on his own mental health until then. Another open-ended question from the artist but here’s hoping he continues his stunning work, both in music and now the visual realm.

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