Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter published an interview with Hillary Clinton to promote her four-hour docuseries on Hulu, which will premiere in its entirety March 6, called simply Hillary. In it, the once presidential nominee criticized current presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, stating: “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician.”

In response, frequent political commentator Zedd — who once said “If Donald Trump becomes president, I’ll move back to Germany” — spoke his piece: #ILikeBernie.

The Russian-born German producer/DJ has remained somewhat vocal, although mostly on the sidelines, about politics in general. He took the opportunity to elaborate on his initial tweet in response to another follower, supporting Andrew Yang as well.

“It’s not so black and white in my opinion,” he said. “Lots of candidates have good points, even some on the republican side here & there. We need to be more compassionate and understanding of other people’s perspectives and not always attack each other’s views.”


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