It’s hard to nail down exactly how long we’ve been waiting for this moment, but Hex Cougar’s debut EP is finally here, out now on V1. The 6-track EP, Under the Light of a Dying Moon, is hauntingly beautiful and unabashedly Hex Cougar, nailing down the producer’s sound on the very first try.

Of course, the road to this EP has been long and arduous, and it’s not just the “first try.” But that strife and struggle has produced one of the best EPs of the year — I know it’s early in 2020, but I’m speaking from the perspective of months from now knowing I’ll be thinking the same thing.

Having already heard “Hourglass” with AWAY and josh pan and “Sacrifice” with Ruby Red, we’re introduced to the remaining four tracks, including an intro and collabs with Luma, Sarah De Warren, and Pauline Herr. Once again proving a particularly adept knack for joining melody with darker motifs, the genres run from liquid drum & bass to (“Drowning in My Dreams”), to midtempo, to something else less identifiable.

Right now, I can tell you this is an EP that will stand the test of time. Fans years from now will look back and say “I knew him when.” You can listen to Under the Light of a Dying Moon below.