Kaskade is starting off 2020 by taking us way back in the old school machine to “1990.” The dance music legend is back with another collab with Swedish trio BROHUG, they first linked up in 2018 behind the percussion based groove “Fun.” “1990” is a fitting follow-up as the producers sample the iconic song by SNAP!, “The Power.” If you were alive during any point in that decade, you instantly recognize the iconic synth and lyric “I’ve got the power!”

As the name suggests, the track is a shot of nostalgia, the vocal samples and interminably long buildup drop you straight into a ’90s warehouse rave, before we get the “I’ve got the power!” sample and we get some groovy horn synths for the drop. The percussion in the background also lends a nice touch.

It will be interesting to see what these two artists have in store for 2020. Kaskade kept chugging along in 2019, one of the most consistent artists around, putting out his usual handful of singles and remixes and his excellent REDUX 003 EP. BROHUG also continued to make a name for themselves with steady releases on Confession, Musical Freedom and Axtone. Here’s what Kaskade & BROHUG had to say about “1990.”

“1990 was an incredible year for music. You couldn’t go into a club, pizzeria, or record store without hearing the iconic song by SNAP! ‘The Power,’ and here we are in 2020 with it still buzzing in the zeitgeist. ‘1990’ is only to be played on the loudest of speakers, and has got the power to stay stuck in your head long after hearing it.” – Kaskade & BROHUG

Listen to Kaskade & BROHUG’s latest single “1990” out now on Arkade.