Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland rocked our worlds with their first collababy — and now they’re expecting another.

Not only did “Lost My Mind” go hard enough to make us all do just that, but the song title headed up an entire co-headlining tour. The Lost My Mind Tour and everything that came with it was a huge success. So, why not go for round two?

Alison shares in the post below, “spent Valentine’s Day in the studio with Dillon Francis making our second baby.”

EDM Twitter was there to freak out. Laugh, cry, congratulate — and, thanks to Subtronics, point out how freakishly long Dillon’s hoodie strings are. Now that’s all we can think about.

See below and expect more heat coming from these two very soon!

Alison Wonderland x Dillon Francis


Photo via @alisonwonderland