As the month of February still rages on we’ve seen a bunch of solid records been released. Be assured the month is not yet over and with 10 days left there are a bunch of records still to be released. This week we saw a new compilation album by the Trap Party label featuring all of the hottest upcoming bass and trap. producers, a new Rome in Silver single with POPCULTR, a new record from Getter and so much more. We have compiled the weeks best music, 40+ songs all into one playlist. Stream the latest edition of Your EDM’s | Week in Music on Spotify below.

Release Spotlight

Trap Party releases Album Vol. 1 featuring a plethora of up and coming trap and bass producers ranging from yojas to bd hbt and L*o*J to ELEX. The debut album compilation features over 11 bass laden records for your listening pleasure.

The ever blissful soundscape creating maestro Pogo released a new project titled Unity filled with his signature enchanting production. ‘Cosmic Dolphin’ a standout record from the project.

The underground king thook blessed electronic music with his ‘on some skunk’ over the week. The record is a hypnotic bass banger that breathes into audio-life what a pleasing post livable earth would look like.


Featured image via Rome In Silver