Devault is back with new music and it’s a big collaboration. After dropping the Jade and Sapphire EPs filled with the man’s brand of club music, Devault has kicked off 2020 with the first single of the upcoming Ruby EP. To make it better, this new single titled “Hold On” is a collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots.

Songs like “Runway” and “Saunter” from the aforementioned EPs have a rambunctious energy lurking amongst the haunting soundscape. That combination thrives in “Hold On.” The synths that open the track are paired with a repetitive melody that sound as menacing as ever. With the added live drums, the Bloody Beetroots amplify Devault this songs midtempo beat giving it the edge you hear in rock songs.

“I couldn’t find a better way to start off this project than with a huge collaboration with one of my idols The Bloody Beetroots,” Devault said on the new collaboration. “Being a fan of his music since age 11, it’s surreal to come together on a record now in my career and deliver something strong and momentous.”

Like his previous EPs, “Hold On” is also accompanied with a short film that fit the audio’s aesthetic. Produced by Acetone Films, the video shares what looks like an underground fight ring with gritty, lo-fi visuals. In a lot ways, it’s reminiscent of the film Fight Club with an updated score.

Check out the new Devault and the Bloody Beetroots track “Hold On” and its accompanied visualizer.