In the midst of all the COVID-19 hysteria, the anonymous DJ/producer CloudNone has joined forces with Direct for two sedating tunes: “Mojito” and “Margarita.”

Originally designed and scheduled with Miami Music Week in mind, the Mojito / Margarita single is somewhat of a departure from both CloudNone and Direct’s respective styles of future garage, taking a few steps toward a more club-oriented house sound.

With the single being named after two different cocktails, “Mojito” and “Margarita” are clearly interlinked, but also have two unique flavors; “Mojito” being a more playful, cheery, vocal-driven cut, whereas “Margarita” is more emotional and danceable, driven by a pumping bass line.

With Miami Music Week being essentially canceled this year, Mojito / Margarita now plays a key role in a new context, serving as a bright glimpse of hope in a depressing time for both festival-goers and dance music fans at large. The single is out now on Monstercat and you can listen to it below (or support the release here).

In celebration of the release of Mojito / Margarita, CloudNone has put together a breathtaking DJ mix surrounding the two songs, curated by both himself and Direct. The mix is available to you exclusively through our SoundCloud page and you can listen to it below!