Lord knows we could all use a little fun and positive vibes right now, and RebMoe is coming hard with her new single, “Basement Party.”

With her unique vocal style and infectious attitude, RebMoe has a smash hit on her hands with this new track. It is unabashedly fun and addictive, with a clear hook and memorable melody. As the track grows and evolves, it grows even more fun with its odd and quirky style. Sure enough you’ll find yourself craving to listen to it randomly during the day, showing it off to friends, and adding it to all your party playlists.

Along with the single, we got the chance to ask RebMoe some short questions about the track, her unique style, and what “Basement Party” means when everyone has to stay inside. Check out the video and Q&A below!

The melody in “Basement Party” is so unique and fun. What was the writing process behind the single?

I wanted to make a self-love song about the feeling one can have when you loose all of your friends at a festival or on the dance floor, but you still have fun on your own. I was in a place where I felt quite lost and not leaning on anyone and I kept having these inner monologues telling myself that I would be just fine. I made the song with a brilliant producer called Benjamin Giørtz who totally understood the vibe. I even recorded my sneakers while shuffle dancing and it’s a part of the beat which I’m really happy with.

You only have a handful of tracks out but they’ve all achieved some degree of success, especially your collaboration with Tiesto. How much of this do you owe to your unique vocal style and memorable attitude?

I think I owe everything to my vocal style and attitude. I don’t actually know how to sing in the traditional sense. So what I can contribute with is the weird melody, energy and my personal take on the lyrics and input on the instrumental. I make songs that I want my close friends to hear and everyone else is a bonus.

How much does your feminist and environmental activist side cross over into your music? Do you try to keep the worlds separated or do you think it’s better to have a message with each track?

Great question. I don’t really separate these worlds personally, but I wouldn’t make a ‘let’s minimise our carbon footprint’ track. My music is feminist in the sense that I’m not scared of being myself and I feel free to create music not limited by gender norms. I am creative leader of an second-hand clothing app, just finished my masters and make music. It’s been busy, and I’ve been told to stop making music as it might impact how professional others see me in a business context. To keep making music which I love is kind of my way of saying ‘ehm no’.

Obviously the lyrics were written before this whole COVID-19 crisis, but the concept of a “Basement Party” is sounding more and more appealing each day. Do you feel like this song could help lift people’s spirits in these hard times?

I hope so. I hope my song can remind people to be silly and playful even if it’s within their own company. I wrote the song party to myself stating that everything is going to be all right although I don’t have my life together. It’s important to not be that hard on oneself. Watch TV. Eat cake. Help a friend. Listen to my song. We’re all responsible for our own happiness and I think it’s key to live in the now and stay hopeful, generous and grateful.