Nicky Romero has finally dropped his highly anticipated Redefine EP. Redefine is a three-track collection of high-energy melodic club tracks as only the Dutch superstar could present them. Nick originally announced the EP with the leadoff track “I See” back in January. Now “Time” and “Replica” round out the EP as Nick continues to update his sound while reaching back to his club roots. Redefine is sure to please Nicky’s longtime fans.

“Time” and “Replica” both stay in the same lane as the previously released “I See.” Both are tracks that Nick has been dropping in his live sets. “Time” has that same club friendly vibe with repeating synth notes setting the tone for the track. There’s also a vocal interlude that really sets the mood. “Replica” is straight out of 2012-2014 with big Dutch horns setting the tone for the track and the kicks extra nasty on this one.

Check out Nicky Romero’s new EP Redefine out now on Protocol.