Original Photo by Amanda Plazyk

It’s a crazy time out there in the world, most parts of the country (and the world) remain stuck at home under government imposed lockdowns amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. While there are a lot of unsung heroes out there on the front lines, this is truly a “not all heroes wear capes” story right here. Cult for Good has been hard at work in the community here in Los Angeles and other places handing out sanitation packs to one of the most vulnerable groups during this pandemic, the homeless.

Cult for Good is the unlikely brainchild of internet personality turned rapper/producer Elijah Daniel, otherwise known as Lil Phag and one half of adam&steve. Teaming up with music manager Jen Stein, the two have joined forces to coordinate a massive relief effort in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the homeless crisis. Using their industry clout they quickly got the financial support needed to send out a fleet of delivery trucks to start handing out sanitation packs in L.A.’s most at-risk areas.

Original Photo by Amanda Plazyk

Through generous donations, Daniel and Stein are acquiring hygiene supplies and distributing them to urban homeless populations via Enterprise Rent-a-Trucks. As our readers probably know it takes a lot of manpower to coordinate a festival, so, who better to coordinate teams of volunteers and cover logistics than those people in the music industry? On top of that, Cult for Good is purchasing overstocked supplies from closed concert venues and also distributing those supplies to the homeless. Check out this recent Twitter post from Elijah Daniel to get a better idea of what they’re doing. They recently just went out on 4/20 and distributed 30,000 supplies in a day to homeless in L.A.’s skid row.

Crazy to think that this whole thing started more than a month ago, but Cult for Good has been expanding its reach and now has Cult Relief Trucks in San Francisco and San Diego as well. More than 300,000 supplies have been distributed to homeless across the nation. On top of getting much needed supplies, like soap, hand sanitizer, masks to the vulnerable homeless populations across the country, Cult for Good has become a major contributor to COVID-19 relief efforts across the board. They’ve purchased and donated more than 9,000 yards of elastic and fabric for mask-making organizations. They’ve also donated supplies to a sewing company that created masks for the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Here’s what the two masterminds behind Cult for Good had to say about why they started this project and the overwhelming response they’ve seen.

“This started as something small, for Los Angeles, with one mission, to protect everyone. And the response from everyone has been so incredible that it’s shocking, seeing so many people step up, and selflessly want to help others is such a relief from everything bad in the world right now. And because of them, we are able to continue that mission, but for all of America. People over politics. People over profit. Protect everyone.” – Elijah Daniel

“When festivals started getting canceled, I saw all of the people I work with in the event space lose their incomes. These are the people who know how to get things done and work under pressure, and with the government failing to help in this time of need, we want to close the gap with people who are experts at handling logistics.” – Jen Stein

Check out the Cult for Good website and find out how you can support this great cause. Make a monetary donation or pick up some merch, I heard face masks are quite fashionable right now.