It’s been four months since Epic Radio 007 and I was beginning to fear the worst. The lack of Prydz in my life was beginning to affect my work, social life, and general attitude towards everything. But thank the techno Gods because Epic Radio 008 has been released and it’s a Mouseville special. For those of you unaware about what Mouseville is and who Cirez D is; this episode should educate you all. Cirez D is an alias Eric Prydz created back in 2002 “for one reason and one reason only: to make techno and to explore the darker side of the music spectrum.” “It gave me an opportunity to release music under a different name where I didn’t have the pressure of having to live up to the Eric Prydz standards in terms of commercial success.” Mouseville Records was the label he started to be able to release the music he was making under Cirez D.  How he got the name? It comes from spelling Eric Prydz backwards. Eric Prydz to Cire Zdyrp to Cirez D. Got it? Great, let’s move on.

In this techno mouse-mix, you can hear Cirez D tracks from Control Freak, which was the first track ever released on the label, all the way up to his brand new release of Drums in the Deep. You may be wondering why Cirez D is coming back up after all these years and it hits close to home for many of us. He had moved to America last year and there was a large concern that his music would become more mainstream and more commercial, but in reality it had quite the opposite effect. ”Since I came over [to America], I really felt there’s time for a change as the music is standing still and not moving forward at all. And I think that’s the reason why I’ve started working on so much new Mouseville and Cirez D material.”

Prydz goes into detail on a few of the tracks from this podcast and how they came about. Fast Forward was made when he was doing a lot of warehouse and underground parties in Europe, so it always takes him back to that scene. The track Teaser was originally meant to be somewhat of a joke, poking fun that some tracks just always seem to constantly build up and the drop is never fulfilling enough. The track Teaser just constantly builds and builds with no real finale for the crowd.  Leave it to Prydz to try to make a “joke” track that becomes wildly successful during his sets. The mash up between Cirez D’s On Off and Harvard Bass and Green Velvet’s Lazer Beams was made specifically for his Coachella 2013 set. If you were there, everything got dark until you heard “hit me with those laser beams” and then came an epic display of lasers, which he personally hired for the performance. And finally, the classic track for this episode was Murder was the Bass from Jesper Dahlback under the alias DK8. Prydz said he is one of the reasons he started Mouseville Records and that Dahlback was one of his biggest inspirations.

Now that you’ve all got some background and are all experts in the Mouseville department, enjoy the podcast!


Eric Prydz – Epic Radio 008: Mouseville Special

Some tracks on the podcast:

Cirez D: Drums in the Deep, Thunderstuck, Tool, Glow in the Dark, Fast Forward, Glow, Mokba, Punch Drunk, Mouseville’s Theme, On Off vs. Harvard Bass and Green Velvet’s Lazer Beams (Prydz Mash Up), Control Freak, Knockout, Teaser (Deadmau5 Remix), and one Untitled track because what would and Epic Radio be without him toying with us with a nameless hit. Dirty South – Champions (Eric Prydz Remix). Thomas Krome – Wood Carver. DK8 – Murder Was the Bass