For the past few months, The Chainsmokers have been producing on a completely different level – churning out remix after remix at a seemingly breakneck pace, the NYC duo have solidified their position as one of the key players constantly present at the top of Hype Machine. With their astonishing ability to mix and mash indie records with progressive chords and pumping basslines, The Chainsmokers have continually reminded us of their true talent. Their latest effort, a remix of Smallpools‘ track “Dreaming”, follows suit with most of their previous work. Layering the original’s vocals over a progressive backbone of bubbly chords and playful synth work, the duo present “Dreaming” in a completely different light. This remix was released for free a little over a week ago but it’s just too good not to share. Grab your copy and give the duo a heart on Hype Machine as a token of your gratitude. Enjoy.