Whether he’s rockin’ and rollin’ or just giving it to us raw, it’s without a doubt Fedde le Grand is having an all-star year. For his newest release, he’s teaming up with mastermind Michael Calfan for a monstrous track, “Lion”. It’s electro-house, only better. Anticipation builds as detuned synths pluck through the verse, along with a rippling bass fill to introduce a fiery drop. The party doesn’t stop as Calfan’s prog-house leads thunder through the breakdown.  “Lion” hits you like a 100 mph rollercoaster and keeps you on the ride of your life for the entire six minutes. There’s no release date set yet, but keep on the lookout for this track!

Update: We apologize for the mistake, but unlike previously mentioned, this track is actually a collaboration between Fedde Le Grand and Michael Calfan.