Both proudly showcasing their supreme mastery at the bopping grooves of Tech House towards the apex of 2013, these two producers have decided to join forces to further raise the bar of excellence in the minimal genre of Tech. UMEK needs no introduction, as his spectacular sets at EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival has catapulted his notoriety towards the US and have practically made him a household name in EDM. His recent productions, such has his blistering Techno collaboration with Spektre on Klaxon and his swaggering remix to Parov Stellar‘s single, All Night have not only showed UMEK‘s sheer musical versatility, but also a high level of quality that is to be expected with the UMEK brand name. Groovebox, on the other hand, is a fast rising producer whose expertly crafted tunes have earned support from head honchos such as Stefano Noferini, Mike Vale, Ant Brooks and more. His tracks explore the rhythmic aesthetics of spoken speech, often pulling samples of people talking from random clips and using the voice as the main connecting hook that firmly glues his pieces together. Arguably two of the hottest stars in Tech House today, their co-production of Cause And Effect is a storming Tech track that has many fans around the world buzzing with anticipation.



Starting off with crisp percussion and clean hi-hats, a simple, but chunky synth pours a heavy amount of groove into the mix, as it blends in wonderfully with the pumping bassline. Every aspect of this track is meticulously and painstakingly controlled, from the EQ levels to the individual instruments and even the flow and energy of the piece. Almost as if it was placed on a surgical table, the amount of precision that is implemented only ramps the energy high and brings the amount of funk to unimaginable heights. Utilizing UMEK‘s trademark drum fills and chugging percussion alongside Groovebox‘s minimalistic basslines is a tasty combination, creating a unique kind of feel towards the track unlike any other. As the fill kicks in, the iconic vocals of Groovebox starts, telling dancers to ‘go for the ride‘ as it crafts another layer of jacking groove onto the piece; creating a nice combination between minimalism and rhythmic complexity that becomes quite a complicated mixture. But as stated before, their joint precision manages to keep the multitude of voices in check and maintains that fierce sense of percussive intensity that both artists are known for. UMEK & Groovebox‘s collaboration, Cause And Effect, will be out on Monday on Toolroom Records, so make sure that you make your calender’s to grab this great track on Beatport.


Keep the music alive. -Q