Groundbreaking Progressive producer Fon.Leman has been nothing short of a true breakthrough artist throughout 2013. His innovative and creative viewpoints on music production have not only inspired a seemingly new un-named sub-genre of the scene, but has also revitalized the Progressive genre with plenty of new perspectives and fresh outlooks. While mainly Progressive, his tracks include the sounds and colors of other genres, flawlessly incorporating Progressive House, Deep House, Funk and even low cut Electro influences into a brilliant mix of melodies, harmonies and emotional moments. After his smashing singles Subortus and Coral Aura, (both featured on Intricate Record’s Volume 1 Sessions), he returns to the label for the release of his upcoming single, One Day. While the Original is fantastic in its own regard, the impressive Aji Mon Nair remix completely storms through, overflowing with Progressive House gold. Mon Nair hails from India, but grew up in the great city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and is an upcoming producer whose sound is a great blend between such artists as PROFF and even Eric Prydz. With his signature basslines and over worldly orchestration, he paints a story which must be read from beginning to end to realize the true nature of his piece.



One Day starts with a very iconic bassline that cuts through the entire woodwork of sounds with clarity and precision. Its nature is laid back, but it also has some rumbling power behind it while maintaining that delicate balance it needs to quality it as true Progressive. With subtle pads, melodic ostinatos and a supreme percussion section, it almost has an 80’s tinge to it, giving homage to the classic sounds of the era with an innovative modern touch. Reminding us of the production style of Who.Is, the breakdown is dark and atmospheric, with a sparse Progressive House synth flitting among beautiful cascading lines. The orchestration is superb as each layer only exemplifies its importance in each section of the piece. As a wry, blippy synth becomes apparent, slamming drums force the energy back into a stopping point as dreamy synths bring a touch of Pryda into the mix. As each part moves in from obscurity, the main beat is subtlety dropped as the focus is on the simple, clean synths pulling the melody behind it. The only noticeable change between the two main sections are the inclusion of that minimalistic melody and it is surprising how easily that simple line can have such a profound effect on the track. Additionally, the fact that there is no buildup or intense energy hype is nothing short of genius, as it allows the melody space in order to exemplify its message, while still keeping things clean and precise for the listener.

Aji Mon Nair‘s remix of Fon.Leman‘s single, One Day, will be out tomorrow on Intricate Records, so make sure you mark this release down on your calender to purchase on Beatport. Make sure to check out the stellar Original and Cosmonaut mixes as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q