When thinking of Ibiza, many think of one of the most luxurious island paradises in the world. Many think of the upcoming summer season filled with all the residencies and events that draw crowds from all over the globe. Not many would think of offshore drilling.

In 2011, the government of Spain gave permission to Scottish power company Cairn Energy to drill for oil in a specific area within the Mediterranean Sea between Spain and Ibiza. However, many feel that this decision can lead to harsh consequences for the marine life that inhabit the area. Many nightclubs and prominent DJs are now protesting the new oil drilling in fear that it would devastate the wonderful image and landscape of Ibiza. This includes big names such as Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin, Sasha, & Seth Troxler who have officially joined the “Say No to Drilling Oil in Ibiza” movement.

Space Ibiza’s website now features a small explanation of what could happen if nothing stops the oil drilling situation:

“If you love the Mediterranean sea, its coasts and beaches, its valuable wildlife; if you do not want to see oil platforms in the sea; if you don’t want to find oil polluting the waters or messing the coast; if you do not want the death of cetaceans, turtles and seabirds, or disappearance of fishing, then this should interest you.”

Only physical petitions are accepted to challenge the Spanish government. However, an online petition is up and running to allow international citizens to voice their opinion against oil drilling in the Ibiza vicinity. You can check that out here (in Spanish of course) and let us know what you think of this whole Ibiza episode in the comments.