The next time you step foot on the dance floor, remember this:

“Dance away the fear.”

A dear friend of mine posted an intriguing article last October regarding a Phutureprimitive show. The producer encouraged the crowd to direct themselves to the merchandise table, where they were equipped with a piece of duct tape to write one of their fears on and place it on the sole of their shoe. The idea behind this was that each individual would dance out his or her demons together for the remainder of the night.

I found this concept of dancing away your fears to be awe-inspiring. Needless to say, I felt the need to try it for myself. I attended a Brite Nites show recently at Webster Hall with special guests Myon & Shane 54 and Late Night Alumni, armed with a roll of duct tape, a marker and the dance floor. What I encountered will forever hold a place in my heart.

I had saved two separate notes in my phone for those out on the floor to read. One read, “What is your biggest fear or something that’s been bothering you?” The other, “Tape it to the bottom of your shoe and dance it out!” The positive feedback from those who partook was beautiful. The variety of fears was riveting. Many of the fears I encountered were more serious, while others were playful in nature. Some of these include having a “disabled child,” “cancer,” “never being loved back,” and “losing the man I love.” Examples of playful fears include “dolphins,” “worms,” and, my personal favorite of the night, “Mom.”

I do not wish to speculate and assume that everyone feels the same about attending shows, but it seems that there is some sort of relativity from individual to individual. Shows allow those in attendance to escape reality, even if only for a short period of time. It’s a place where we feel safe to let go, be free and find ourselves again, without any restraints or judgment. That euphoric relationship with the dance floor has a nostalgic power that heals. It’s one of the most beautiful things that I admire.

Shows to me are like church to others. Whether or not something is bothering me or wearing my conscious, I have grown very fond of that reborn feeling I encounter when leaving the venue. It helps me to continuously grow and become a better person. Only those close to me know and understand my past. I have been battling depression for a few years now. MASS EDMC has opened my world completely with all of the love that I never could have imagined prior. They have given me a wonderful family that stretches coast to coast. I have met so many elegant souls along the way, each influencing me to remain strong on my journey.

I have come to realize that my sole purpose in this world is greater than I once believed it to be. I now know that I was put on this planet to help each and every person I can. My career path has been molded around my everlasting desire to give. It pains me to see others suffer. Knowing now what you do about me, my involvement in this movement should be more clear.

I admire those producers who are there for us. Kaskade is no exception to the rule:

“As far as a music culture goes, EDM is the one who will accept the kids on the outliers, the ones who get bullied, the ones who feel like they may not quite fit in. This community is exceptional in its ability to bond all types together, and I am not exaggerating when I say it saves lives. Our audience is intelligent and kind, discriminating only in regards to which sound they like best. Our audience is unprecedented in their drive to proactively support each other.”

I offer each of you a supportive hand. Whether we share a few songs together, or spend the entire night together on that dance floor, you must promise me that you will dance away your fear.

Each of us deal with our fears in our own ways. You must know that it is acceptable to be fearful. Just know this; at some point, you’ll need to face these fears head on and overcome them. We all have something that digs at us. Never allow your fears to silence you. Reach out to those closest to you; they will listen. If finding the right words becomes difficult to express yourself, reach for the duct tape and let the dance floor hear you.

Though I’ve only been doing this for a short amount of time, I have met so many incredible and strong individuals. They have let down their guard and have shared their unique stories with me. Each tale has inspired me in some way. Lending them a hand and seeing them smile is everything that I could have hoped for.

I leave you with this; You have the strength to defeat things in life that you believe to be defeating you. Never lose sight of that. With that said, I encourage you to write it down, leave it all on the dance floor and never look back. Grow and move forward. Much love and light to you all.

Kasey Docherty

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