UPDATE: Those with a live.deadmau5.com should now be able to confirm that this is official.


The day is here folks! Deadmau5 apparently announced last night the name and release date of his new and upcoming album, titled While (1<2). I read the news from this reddit post this morning Pacific Standard Time, but reddit is not often the be-all, end-all source for journalistic integrity. However, with more and more news outlets picking up the story, we would be remiss not to announce it as well.

However, until we hear word FROM THE MAN HIMSELF, it should be said that this is speculative but highly likely. (You might remember this post from February that gained a lot of traction, as well, and turned out to be fake.) Deadmau5 himself is quite the troll so we’re hesitant but anxious.

As for the name of the album, While (1<2) is programming code for “to loop indefinitely.” (Thanks Billboard.) It could also be some reference to the double-album nature of the release. According to the above image, the pre-sale will begin via iTunes on May 20th with the album release slated for June 17th.


Also, this awesome tweet was retweeted by Deadmau5. Definitely not confirmation, but something to think about.