As two of the brightest leaders of full on Trance, the combined talents of Solis & Sean Truby have been truly making their mark on both the Trance and the Uplifting scenes for the past several years. They are the owners of the highly esteemed Infrasonic label family and represent many influential and upcoming artists such as Ultimate, Meridian, Andy Tau, Harry Square and Gelardi. Even Armin van Buuren is highly impressed with the imprint, calling it, “one of the best Trance labels in the world right now“. Apart from their label business, the duo have also lead an exciting and successful production career, with their recent collaboration of Consequence with Aaron Camz being featured on Your EDM last week; (which you can see here: After their recent remix of Gareth Emery‘s Exposure and their collaboration with Harry Square on Bottleneck, they released a brand new, original single entitled Raccoon, which received gracious support from Sean Tyas, Photographer, Manuel Le Saux and more. While the original release scored heavy points with producers, they decided to open up this single once again with a brilliant Uplifting remix by the legendary Chris Metcalfe, which proves to be the best mix in the entire collection, (in our opinion at least).


Metcalfe‘s mix starts off with instant power and energy, as towering basslines, booming basskicks and energetic ostinatos continuously push the envelope on speed and atmosphere throughout the entire framework of this piece. However, the gradual takeover of serene piano lines and lonely, but hopeful pads smoothly transitions into the breakdown and it’s this span of time that we truly see the precise combination between Infrasonic’s patented Proglifting sound and Metcalfe‘s sprightly timbre arrangements. Pulling off of an incredibly detailed synth line, the melody quickly establishes itself as the main focal point of the breakdown, as the rest of the section focuses on building a foundation to really make the melodic line shine. This aspect becomes even more apparent when the buildup commences, as the onset of thunderous drums and sweeping strings amplify the track’s hype and energy towards a breaking point. Finally, it launches itself into a wondrous, heartfelt melody whose depth and atmosphere streams out throughout the soundscape, showering it with a stunning level of production that rivals even the best of Uplifting artists. While it is a basic remix in sense of structure, it aptly combines Metcalfe’s sound underneath a new light and is definitely a style that we hope continues in the coming months ahead.

Chris Metcalfe‘s fantastic remix of Solis & Sean Truby‘s Raccoon is now available on #138 Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q