As part of the storming duo that’s currently stomping through the Tech Trance scene with furious conviction, Sam Jones is now set on kicking off his solo career with the release of his debut single on Kearnage Recordings. Most Trance fans recognize his name as a part of the Sam Jones & Will Rees duo that has been decimating the Beatport Trance charts as of late, as their remixes to Bowdidge & Taylor‘s Flashback and Bryan Kearney‘s Stealth Bomber have been a hot favorite among many die hard fans. Additionally, their combined single of Fire Drill, which was first debuted during Jordan Suckley‘s set at the ASOT 650 celebrations, is easily a contender for Tech Trance track of the year. But now, it seems as though the team has gone their separate ways at the present moment, as Sam Jones has been furiously working on a slew of unreleased singles, remixes and collaborations for the future, including a fantastic Psy remix to Mark Sherry, 3DW and MaddersFeel So Right. But now, his brand new single entitled Buckle Up is set to showcase his solo abilities as an artist and a producer, and after years of constant hard work, Jones can now reap the rewards by becoming a key player within the international Trance scene. Buckle Up was first debuted during Bryan Kearney‘s set at the ASOT 650 celebrations and it was a track that instantly caught my eye, even though many other fans were still fawning over Fire Drill. It’s brazen attempts at clear cut individuality, wild experimentation and overall flow of design really captures that SJ & WR sound but with a different twist laid upon it, along with the usual dosage of euphoric melodies and skull crushing Tech drops.


Buckle Up begins with Sam Jones‘ signature AK-47 Basslines and Techno hi-hats, as cracking basskicks, minor ostinatos and metal scraping acid lines formulate a study, yet punchy opening that captures the inner essence of true Tech Trance greatness. The breakdown quickly transitions from sweet, serene string pads into the body of the main melody, which is profusely in the style of Bryan Kearney‘s Uplifting lines. However, the melody tape loops a section and subtlety changes in tone as the repetition of various synth motives beckons a lone male vocal to continuously yell, ‘Get back!‘ with increasing fear and anxiety. Much like the name implies, the resulting drop shows absolutely no mercy whatsoever, as the brutal combination between laser gun basslines, tribal drum patterns, Psy timbres and more gets the job done right by flattening the skull with growing pressure and force. Additionally, Jones really plays around with the entire arrangement in a fascinating sort of way, as quick, one beat cut-offs and rapidly increasing the speed of a short two beat motif is something that is usually never heard or even thought of in a production, so the changes in beat positioning is a real, welcome change. However, it doesn’t reside in this Tech realm for long, as Jones brings back the stellar melody to wash away the skin splitting Tech damage that was inflicted before and the inclusion of his patented basslines makes this melody both emotionally engaging and viciously tough.

Sam Jones‘ brand new single, Buckle Up, is out now on Kearnage Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Make sure you also check out the fantastic Lostly remix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q