Back in May, Your EDM hosted a remix competition for a yet to be released track from (We Are) Nexus. The winner was chosen and now the original track is being premiered right here. Although it’s still not out yet – it will be July 15th through Shotgunn Productions – you get an early stream of the single in full form to enjoy before you purchase the tune.

“Shamelessly” is not your ordinary electronic production, sporting an unusual time signature and a strong orchestral sound. Somehow even the synths sound as though they are originating from some acoustic musical device. A production like this tests the waters for change; experimenting with any and all elements that go into creating a song isn’t easy, but the results can be much better than your typical process. The production was brought by one half of the duo and the extremely tender, yet robust vocal was provided by Carmen, who you can learn more about in this interview we had with her. Don’t forget to check back when this comes out on the fifteenth! You’ll want this one for your collection.

(We Are) Nexus also just launched their new Nexus Nation website, which you can sign up for here. It’s a place where you can get exclusive content and prizes. To kick things off they are giving away Scoshe headphones to one lucky winner who is among the earliest signees. Sign up now for a chance to win!