Update: It’s important to remember that this video was LEAKED yesterday. As such, we were all essentially seeing it out of context. I’ve seen many complaints about it not mentioning what to do in the case that you do choose to take drugs, which will inevitably happen. The official Come To Life campaign resolves those issues, with references to medical tents and free water locations at the venue.

“Our message to concertgoers is simple: The Electric Zoo experience is exceptional and worth being present for,” Made Event founders, Laura De Palma and Mike Bindra, said in a joint statement.  “Molly can cause you to not only miss the moment, alienate your friends and have an overall adverse and unpleasant experience…but can also make you sick and can even be fatal. Fans will experience how great it is to ‘Come To Life’ at our concerts from lights, sounds and crowds,” the statement continued.


As a writer… no, as a person, it is very difficult to report on deaths at shows. There have been too many to count this festival season, for even one is one too many. This past weekend saw one death at HARD Summer and another at MDBP in DC.

Electric Zoo, the yearly festival held in New York, is taking a bold approach and speaking out directly against the use of drugs at events. Following the untimely deaths of two of its attendees last year, it seems appropriate that EZoo make this statement.

The video is odd in its execution, but it gets the point across. The final message of the video reads, “Don’t miss the moment. Be present. Avoid the risks.” If you know someone who has done any substance at a show before, you know all too well that there are some spots missing. Personally, I’d prefer to remember the whole event than risk anything for a four-hour high.