After a brilliant double EP entitled Gran Via & Calle Betis by dream team Vitodito and Talamanca, the magical sounds of InfraProgressive returns with a fantastic remix package to an old favorite within the Infrasonic archives by label owners Solis & Sean Truby. While never in the limelight as much as their other contemporaries, these two work harder than most artists these days and on top of maintaining a heavy solo career, these two do their best in bringing the best in Trance and Progressive on one of the biggest labels in the world, Infrasonic Recordings. These two truly understand the delicate and sacred nature of Trance and try to exemplify these qualities through heroes such as Ultimate and Moonsouls, as well as their own singles including Bottleneck, Raccoon and their upcoming single, Skin Deep. Now, these two have taken their classic single of Closer To The Earth with angelic vocalist Sue McLaren and have entrusted its contents to the elusive and mysterious Luigi Lusini to rework it into a beautiful, Progressive Trance masterpiece. When we say ‘elusive’ and ‘mysterious’, we really mean it, as it is quite rare when he decides to produce a track and most of his singles are only released on a label entitled The Clubbers that never reaches the main core of Progressive Trance fans. However, even though he appears to be difficult to find at times, this does not constitute his abilities behind the workstation, as his productions have become legendary among scores of Trance fans who actively take the time to search for his music. As the embodiment of everything that is pure and golden with Trance, his rework to Closer To The Earth is nothing short of ¬†twinkling wonder.

Quoted as saying, “[Lusini] is no stranger to creating those perfect Progressive moments“, his incredible talents truly revere his legacy as a true master of the genre who is able to create amazing, heartfelt moments of illuminating translucence throughout the entirety of the human soul. Starting out with a perfectly balanced opening, the beginning is both minimalistic and engaging, as the sublime accompaniments slowly start to evolve into a beautiful soundscape whose fluid control of automation in not only effects but the entire arrangement as a whole reveal his impressive finesse and tact in musical writing. The mini breakdown features a gorgeous piano line that seems to drip onto the pages like the lightest drizzle of spring rain as the main vocals begin their passage with confidence and grace. The backdrop for the vocals are flawless in design and provide a great foundation with which the vocals can work upon and each phrase is like a small burst of something wonderful, whether it’s a new harmonic line or an illustrious new Progressive synth. In the breakdown, only the lightest of pads are shown through the blinds as it slowly builds into a masterpiece with the amazing combination of cinematic Breaks percussion, heartfelt guitar lines, and highly emotional string sections as the piano line returns with a great contrasting melody to Sue‘s elegant vocal work. Finally, the very heavens open up their mighty, mountainous clouds and let shine a brilliantly dazzling light as soul releasing strings and piercing piano liberates us at our very core and leaves us completely vulnerable to the astonishing world of Luigi Lusini.

Luigi Lusini‘s fantastic rework of Solis & Sean Truby‘s Closer To The Earth is out now with a great, additional remix by Vitodito on InfraProgressive via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today!


Keep the music alive. -Q