Play Me Records has their diamond in the rough for this week with the More Power EP from Resistance. First off, I must say that this is one aggressive project and I love it. The UK brings a lot of great music to the table and that lot just got added to with this entire EP. Not just one or two songs, all of them, including the free download that comes at the end of the project.

For people who love bass and love to dance, More Power will serve as an infinite reservoir of energy. With “More Power” and “Resistance Theme” providing high quality electro house and “Badman” giving you some of the dirtiest breaks, your musical tummy will be filled to the brim with these nutritious goodies. I just can’t get over “Badman.” It’s like if dubstep and jersey club had a baby; it’s hard to comprehend, but once you hear your brain will explode, gather itself back together and love what it just experienced. Get the EP through Beatport now!

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