Representing our local scene within the Progressive realm of EDM is none other than the upcoming talent that is Blugazer of NYC, whose advanced and even otherworldly sound has all the markings of a true master in training as he continues his journey throughout the surreal world of Deep and Prog. In a world where the top talent is essentially run by an entire underbelly of ghost producers and engineers, he is part of a dying breed that strives to create every single aspect of a track from beginning to end. In his own words, “His goal with music is to create a unique sound; in essence the auditory embodiment of his dreams. This requires a one man act, and all aspects of the Blugazer sound, from writing to producing and mixing, are done by Jack.” Recently, his fantastic new single of Ethereal Concepts was proudly featured on Silk Royal‘s Royal Showcase 04 mix compilation series, (which you can check out our in depth review here:, and now, this beautiful work of art receives a deeper remix under the watchful and sageful eyes of Shingo Nakamura; a true master of Progressive that’s been an essential piece of the development of the entire scene as a whole. Lately, Shingo has been heading towards a deeper aspect of his patented Prog sound and within his residency on Silk Royal‘s radio show, he now designates one hour towards the deeper end of Prog before unveiling his love of traditional Prog within the second hour. With the potential rework of Ethereal Concepts under good hands, Shingo transforms the original into another fantastic masterpiece to add to his already bolstered collection.

Shingo has been a part of the scene since its early inception and throughout all that time, he has gone through several metamorphic changes throughout his sound. Along with the classic Prog style, (with his iconic, breathtaking piano melodies), he has also gone through Deep Progressive, Prog Tech and more as the search for new sounds has intensified his desire to evolve both as a musician and as an artist. His remix of Ethereal Concepts almost seems like it’s a culmination of these different experiences underneath one, fluid masterstoke, as this piece is neither Progressive nor Deep Prog; but rather, somewhere in between. The aspects of classic, offbeat Prog melodies and his signature piano chops leans towards his classic sound, but the delicious pad work and the slower BPM represent the deeper end of his musical personality. This unique expression of style represents both his incredible versatility as an artist and the markings of his differences of sound slowly ‘bleeding’ into each other to create fantastically brilliant and fresh new ideas. Characteristically, the piece invokes feelings of smooth, placid tones underneath a foundation of relaxation and moderation, while the decadent underground tones represent a cool, submerged essence that surrounds the entire piece in an aura of pure, innocent bliss. However, the full bodied basslines and the precision based effects work of Shingo, (along with that exhilarating touch of Japanese magic), suggest a more active and engaging piece that moves along with the flowing current of its own, inner machinations; a thrilling combination that consciously evolves and morphs throughout the track and throughout our ears.

Shingo Nakamura‘s fantastic new single of Blugazer‘s Ethereal Concepts will be out on October 7th on Silk Digital via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


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