With music festivals like Coachella adding more and more EDM acts to the roster, it’s no surprise that new measures are being put into place to accommodate fans. The thumping bass and unbelievable volume during acts like Porter Robinson and Flosstradamus can have a lasting effect on your hearing, and for the many attendees looking to spend their weekend in the infamous Sahara Tent, their ears will need all the protection they can get. In past years, the contents of Coachella’s ‘Welcome Box’ of goodies have been limited to wristbands, parking/camping passes, stickers, and various informational booklets. This year, however, a new addition has been made to assist the dance music fanatics.

DUBS has teamed up with Goldenvoice to include a pair of their stylish, new earbuds with every ticket purchased for the festival. The soft molded plugs come in a variety of colors and offer a fashionable aesthetic in addition to essential ear protection.

Doppler Labs DUBS Earplugs

In addition to the free pair, DUBS will be selling their more advanced ‘Acoustic Filters’ at the festival, which reduce sound by an average of 12 db while maintaining total clarity. For those planning on spending most of their time up against the front barriers, these earplugs will be a true lifesaver.

Doppler Labs DUBS Acoustic Filters


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Photo Credit: Rukes.com