Harley Stratan, aka Flume, has experienced an incredible rise in popularity and success in a very short amount of time. 150 million plays via streaming services and low seven-figure profits over the past year tell the story of Flume’s success in numbers, and seemingly arbitrary numbers are a huge reason he’s so popular. “If you look at the entirety of album sales, downloads, Spotify, and compare that to things like licensing and touring, what you start to see is a picture that makes sense” says Thaddeus Rudd, Flume’s primary manager.

With an incredible management team at his back, Stratan’s brand is built on an online appearance which caters to the biggest consumers of electronic music in the world, the milennial generation. “I never expected to make a lot of money from music,” he said. “They’re really more of an advertisement for you to see the show.” The comprehension of the fact that music, especially electronic dance music, is more often consumed illegally and that the real profit (about 60% in fact) comes from touring is what has ultimately lead to Flume’s wild success.

Him & his team purvey their international audience all from the comfort of a velvet couch and a laptop… but they have established a timeless legacy that spells success for the Flume brand years and years down the road.

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