Janet Jackson 90’s bounce + future beats + the magnificent voice of 17 year old Kiana Brown came together to produce the hottest track I have heard all week. Hypnotizing soprano vocals laid over Venessa Michaels‘ super hot jersey club beats made for a dynamic, fun, and very refreshing tune.

‘Touch Me’ is one of my favorite tracks right now because it instantly brings you to happiness and shoots you back into the 90s. Kiana Brown and I wrote this song together to, believe it or not, empower feminism.  Let’s let the ladies have a shot at deciding what they want for the night; no butterflies.  We had a lot of fun keeping it simple and animated. Kiana was there in the process of making the beat so you can feel how well she connected with the melodies she wrote.  It’s a feel good song that will make you feel some type of way.


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