JPhelpz’ new EP Mech Bounce is set to drop on April 14th via Firepower Records and we’ve got your exclusive first look at the first track on the EP.

“Armshouse” features a variety of different bass influences, most notably dubstep and trap, though you’ll hear a bit of grime or garage in there, too. I’m really impressed by the vocals from Merky Ace; he’s very reminiscent of the energy from American rappers with the accent and style of UK lyricists, absolutely stunning. His flow meshes well with the deep and ominous bassline from JPhelpz, whose cosmic and often mysterious sound is at full force on this one. If you’ve listened to Code:Pandorum or Captain Panic!, this is a very similar style and one that I hope begins to gain more popularity. The sense of space is monumental.

Pre-order the Mech Bounce EP here, and listen to “Armshouse” below.