Now that we know the truth about Josh Pan and can stop wondering whether what we’re hearing has been made by a team of 50 people or not, we can finally sit back and focus on the pure, artistic value of his tracks rather than pick them apart to see who we think was involved in their creation. This new, more passive listening experience has only made his music more personal and moving, as we’ve received confirmation that it indeed stems from one source. Josh Pan‘s entire catalogue of work, now, can be viewed as a tangible timeline of his musical and emotional progression. With the mystery wiped clean, it seems we are left with an even more exciting result.

Not ever one to delay with the output of new material, Josh has just rounded out his week with a third track titled “the king“. It follows behind “i don’t think i can do this” and “nobody’s perfect“: beat-less, sample-filled crescendos of piano, flute, bells and strings, both connoting a brooding feeling of solitary yet grounded despair. His most recent track, contrarily, sees Josh lift his spirits and dive headfirst into a raw and club-ready trap heater.

Beginning with an ominous, indecipherable vocal loop, the bold and to-the-point percussion quickly enters the picture. Reminiscent of some of Mr. Carmack‘s most esteemed beats, the rhythm becomes the main focus of the track as the sharp hits and crashes are offset just enough to make you frown and fight them. Just when you think you’ve heard all this track has to offer, you’ll suddenly find yourself joyfully shouting gibberish as the famed Lion King anthem makes a welcome appearance, pitched down to keep things grimy, of course. The beat reenters the space with newfound energy and carries you all the way to its close.

Make sure to grab the free download for “the king” and look out for more tracks coming very soon, as they always do.