VennessaMichaels out of LA let loose a bangin’ fourth original track that is perfect for bright, summertime vibes. Joelle James’ lead vocals are sexy, uplifting, and intwine perfectly with partner Tay Jasper’s strong hip-hop vocal influence. We asked Venessa to tell us a little bit of background about this amazing future bass track and this is what she had to say:

The people came together magically. I met Tay through a friend who was in a studio session and we were both chillin there.  He played some of his music and I was blown away and told him, “we need to link NOW.” So we met back in the same studio in the back and started writing and made the “Sexin With My Ex” track the next day.  We started working together and worked on “Whatcha On” and it came together beautifully. Another mutual friend reached out to Joelle James who thought she would be perfect for the track. She came by and instantly started recording, feeling the melody and dropping down her lines. It’s hard to explain how it came together, but it really just fell into place like it was meant to be.

Her last release “Touch Me” ft. Kiana Brown was another future pop/future bass hit that has seen a lot of circulation in the blogosphere. At only 23, I expect to see really great things coming from this SoCal producer. Cop the free download below, listen to her music on the amazing ToneDen app, follow her on her socials, and get in on this artist while she is hot. Her future is very bright.


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Video directed by @Demmee | Edited by Christian Dean @xtiandean

Shot by CBFOUR and @Jtotheorgy | Model Kat David @kat.david