When making your very first beat, a lot of us take a similar approach. You start with a kick and snare. Simple. You lay down a couple bars and loop it back. Then, you find one weird vocal sample that you’ve always wanted to hear in a song and cut out a tiny section to be repeated infinitely. Even though your song now only has three or four elements to it, you’re able to groove out to something you made on your own. We’ve all been there. These kind of beats rarely make it onto our favorite Soundcloud accounts, due to their over simplicity and reliance on too few sounds. If the artist is able to mix and master them effectively, however, they can become some of the most infectious and heavy-hitting tracks out there.

Enter PVLMS, production duo and couple from Oklahoma. Dabbling in a wide range of genres, from house to twerk to future, it seems there’s nothing these two can’t tackle. Their most recent track, titled “Get Out,” comes as a perfect representation of the above-mentioned production style. Utilizing a distinct vocal sample from Tim and Eric and a fantastically minimal approach to percussion, this track is an undeniable trap heater that will instantly have you frowning with joy. Take a listen in the player below, and make sure to keep up with PVLMS on their Facebook page.