The highly anticipated music video for the anthem “Where Are Ü Now” from Jack Ü & Justin Bieber is arriving sooner than you’d expect. With teasers from the Justin Bieber and Diplo, it is quickly becoming apparent that this is going to be a big deal.

Although every shot that we have come across has only featured Bieber, Diplo was apparently at the shoot as well, having shared a Snapchat video teaser which you can check out below. However the question remains whether either DJ/producer will make an appearance in the video itself.

Bieber also shared a short video of the shoot, and tweeted out an image of him watching playback with the caption “it’s happening.”

Justin Bieber on Twitter

Even the stylist got in on the action, sharing a single, powerful image that further cements the focus on Justin Bieber.

Karla Welch Stylist on Twitter

Stay tuned for further updates as they come along!

H/T Inquisitr