Firepower Records is a force to be reckoned with, and they’ve proved it once again with Init’s In The Game EP. Init is in the game, indeed, pushing production possibilities in this futuristic bass excursion.

The title track employs some impressive sound design, though that’s to be said of the entire EP. It starts off slamming into an absolutely malicious drop, setting the tone for the remarkably cohesive atmosphere of the entire release.

For the next leg of the EP’s journey, “Activis” takes to reverberating howling in an immersive soundscape that’s almost palpable. The lead synth drips through unseen cracks of a cavernous industrial zone while devious vocals toy with the psyche. Next up is “Wanna Flex,” a destructive trap anthem that just won’t let up. With what sounds like a defective 16 bit machine gun, the track calls out to the underworld hiding in the depths of an abandoned schoolyard. If I were fighting zombies, I’d do it to “Wanna Flex.” Lastly comes “The Rogue Dolphin.” It seems like it would be more on the more cute side of the spectrum, but no. Wait for it, and you’ll hear exactly what a rogue dolphin fighting hordes of undead jellyfish sounds like.

Overall, the EP spans the gamut of aggressive dubstep and trap to create a pounding collection of tracks in some of the most innovative arrangements I’ve heard in quite some time. Grab it now on Beatport.