The Australian electronic scene seems to be dominating the community as of late. With acts like Flume, Alison Wonderland, Chet Faker and Ta-ku becoming worldwide sensations, it’s clear that they’re doing something right. One duo from down under has been making particularly significant waves in the trap arena with a style all their own and production quality that rivals that of Troyboi and even RL Grime. After debuting their recent EP stacked to the brim with incredible sounds and collaborations, Slumberjack has now released a four song remix compilation that gives the original a run for its money.

ƱZ, NGHTMRE, Hatch, and Trumpdisco transform the tracks each with a unique, heavy spin. The entire remix EP can be purchased through iTunes for a clean $4.99.

The first remix of “The Othersft. KLP comes from ƱZ. Known for his epic trap anthems and anonymous identity, he truly takes the original to the next level. Beginning with deep, pitched vocals and an ominous swelling of reverb and bass, the remix takes a welcome turn into a powerful festival heater with high vocal loops and a satisfyingly simple song structure.

NGHTMRE is the next one to try his hand at “The Others”. He starts with a recognizably faster tempo, evolving into a cascade of different noises and rhythms that flow beautiful despite their complexity. The track avoids monotony throughout its length and presents an even more badass second drop following a vocal-driven break in between.

Third on the roster is Hatch. With less than 6,500 followers on Soundcloud, he holds his own impressively alongside the EP’s other big names. His take on “Horus” starts with Eastern strings and tribal vocal samples that quickly progress into rapid plucks and mouth clicks over a deadly rhythm. Deeper stabs of string are introduced next, and combined even later with the original plucks for a truly groovy finish to the track.

Trumpdisco’s flip of “Body Cry” ft. Father Dude will have you swaying right at the onset. Featuring the original’s notorious vocals, the remix seems familiar only until the break hits. Suddenly, falling horns and buzzing bass synths take over the sonic space in a bold fashion. The sweetness of the original is forgotten as rolling hi hats make an appearance, making the imagined festival crowd lose their cool.

Purchase the remix EP on iTunes here.