Fresh off of Block Society comes a hard-hitting bass banger. Veterans of the trap / hybrid-trap genres, 8Er$ & GAWTBASS would be expected to produce nothing short of gold when releasing a collaboration. “Flux” is no disappointment, and showcases the pair’s talents perfectly.

“Flux” starts off with an eery synth line, backed by an RL Grime-esque drum line. The drop leaves little to be desired, seamlessly blending the two producers’ styles. 8Er$ can be heard on the high synth lines, interrupted at the breaks by GAWTBASS’s low growls. These are backed by a snare-clap and a FAT sub, sure to please both the trap and hybrid trap fans’ ears. 8Er$ & GAWTBASS prove they have a firm grasp on their craft, as the mix is done flawlessly. The synth lines are the focus, but the sub is unforgettable. Loud and clear, but not overpowering, it is the perfect addition to an already dirty synth line. Some may be disappointed that the interlude and second drop have little variation. However, they were done so well the first time around, most won’t even mind hearing it again.

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