Support and a release on Armind can only mean Willem de Roo is bound for glory. “Omen” is the Dutch producer’s debut track on Armada’s sub-label Armind. “Omen” matches the expectations of its label, delivering a big-room trance sound destined to be heard in at least every Armin set for the next few months.

In almost all aspects, “Omen” was crafted to be an instant trance classic. The intro provides enough energy to keep people from standing still, but not overpowering enough to make you want to sprint 100 miles like a tech-trance release does. The breakdown gives way to sublime synth chords. These set the tone for the gliding synths that come in on top, layered skillfully with a drum track to create the perfect build. The climax (or drop?) is where things diverge a little from the ‘classic trance path.’ Sounding more like a trance-infused big-room drop, “Omen” features a feel-good trance synth over a constant pounding kick. While this track may have been better suited for Mainstage (both the Armada imprint and at **insert festival**), it is in no way a deal breaker. The melodies will be stuck in your head after one listen, and surely a number of non-trance DJ’s in the festival circuit looking for a happy-go-lucky festival hit will play this out.

Check the stream below or head to Beatport to purchase the full release!