Egyptian duo Aly & Fila are known for their uplifting tracks, putting out tracks with levels of emotion seldom matched by others in the genre. “Es Vedra” is a collaborative track with English trance producer The Thrillseekers, and is no exception to their impressive repertoire. Complex layers and intense emotion make this track an instant classic for any fan of Aly & Fila or uplifting trance in general.

“Es Vedra” is a relentlessly emotional track. A constant kick and a bouncing sub drive this track, supported (in typical Aly & Fila fashion) by an array of synth plucks and chords. These all combine to create dynamic melodies and beautiful progressions, sure to have the tears rolling before the breakdown is even in sight. The breakdown provides much needed rest, while maintaining the same level of emotion as before. Ambient synths under layers of guitar plucks create the perfect contrast to the high energy climax to come. The thumping kick and sub from earlier are brought back, garnished with the ensemble of synths to create the perfect atmosphere that will, quite literally, leave you in a trance.

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