Armada Music is a record label that needs no introduction. Responsible for countless trance and progressive anthems, the label and its many imprints have become household names to thousands of fans across the globe. Fresh off the press at Armada Trice is Dutch duo Disfunktion‘s newest album, We Were Young and Needed the Money, out Friday, June 26. Your EDM is happy to present an exclusive stream of one of the tracks, “Unstoppable,” sure to bring back those EDC-festival-vibes we all had this weekend.

Disfunktion show us how “Unstoppable” they are, unleashing a banger that will have many of your heads bobbing uncontrollably. The pounding bass notes in the introduction signal early on that this is going to be a high-energy piece. A well-crafted running synth line is layered over Radboud’s vocal work, working together to create an elegant interlude worthy of the Armada name. Every note is then expertly layered together to create the drop, allowing “Unstoppable” to seamlessly transition out of the breakdown while creating a new, intense atmosphere.

Check out the tune below and grab a copy of We Were Young and Needed the Money on June 26!