Nero have released their latest single from their forthcoming sophomore album Between II Worlds. Entitled “Two Minds,” Nero adopts some more recent trends in electronic music, forgoing a lot of their post-apocalyptic sound in favor of a much more club-friendly tune.

Nero’s take on future house is filled with the same sort of gritty synths and booming vocals from Alana Watson as usual, but the tempo is a new one for them. And I can’t help but feel like they took too many cues from other producers without putting enough of themselves into it.

However, it’s important to remember with Nero that singles are often not indicative of the whole product. For instance, I didn’t love “The Thrill” until I heard their Coachella set from this year. Likewise, I’ll probably see “Two Minds” in a new light when their album drops. But for now, I’m disappointed.

Pre-order Between II Worlds now ahead of its release on August 28th.

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