In my opinion, some of the most effective and badass electronic music is born from the absolute bare minimum number of musical elements. When each component, instrument, strike of the hi hat, and short vocal sting are essential to the beat without adding unnecessary filler, the artist’s true skill and attention to detail come into light, especially in the trap world. Crafting the perfect combination of percussive elements, and being able to balance them with the necessary silences in between, is an art form all in itself. This approach is what makes the material coming from people like Hucci and Ozzie so intriguing and different. Using simplicity and attention to perfecting the mix as the main driving forces, fellow UK producer BLNT has now joined their ranks with a 10-song LP to celebrate 10,000 Soundcloud followers.

The compilation is chock full of lengthy trap ballads, providing equal parts hype and tangible, musical progression. Several of the tracks are previous uploads, from his time leading up to the 10k goal, while others are completely unheard. Bar one collaboration with L O R D, the LP is made up entirely of BLNT’s own original work. It is as much a passion project as it is a ‘thank you’ to his loyal and expanding fan base.

The entire album can be downloaded for free here.

The compilation starts with an emotional heater called “Konaiseiko“. Beginning with echoey, distant vocals – courtesy of Chris Brown – that quickly make their way to the front of the mix, the drop arrives quickly and unexpectedly. The sub and minimal percussion are the main features of the break, making each bar interesting and unique. As the song evolves further, the vocals are chopped into short segments and looped over one another in ever-changing layers. After a long silence (and after checking to make sure the song is still playing), the track begins anew, this time with heightened energy and a new synth pattern. The vocal continues above throughout its length, transforming it into a singable anthem.

Next is “Me Gusta“. After a slow swell of ethereal synths and muted vocals, a snare breaks up the mood with power. The rhythm emerges through the pattern as Samuel L. Jackson introduces the listener to the drop. Swaying back and forth is inevitable, as different percussive elements enter and exit the space with grace. The vocals are distorted and pitched as the song continues, as if BLNT is improvising a solo. The sub bass takes center stage later on, swirling dynamically from note to note.

Sekkusu” is a personal favorite. Taking the vocals from Jeremih’s “All the Time,” and slowing them down to a deadly crawl, BLNT transforms the well-known track into a spacey crooner. With a bass synth that never lets up, and endless cymbal crashes alongside a heavy sidechain, the entire song becomes one of the most meaningful and commanding on the LP.

After “Mujra” and “Zahra” comes “Insomnia“. The track features a satisfyingly dry guitar loop and off-kilter percussion, giving it a very special personality. The vocal chops tie the rhythm to the guitar melody, and cement the entire mix together.

Included in the free download is an added track, “Drugs“. It comes as the shortest on the LP, and features an original rap verse alongside BLNT’s production. With relentless violin sampling and a sprinkling of snares, the vocals are able to draw the listener’s attention without distracting from the underlying beat. The track is short and sweet, and serves as a nice treat for fans who’ve decided to download the LP.

Grab your free download here, and check BLNT’s Facebook page for all of his upcoming releases!