Anytime the name “KRNE” appears on a track, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s a certified trap banger. A master of the genre, KRNE has established a place at the top of the more downtempo / future scenes, releasing a good deal of solo works and collaborations with an array of artists. The California-based producer has just unveiled his newest masterpiece “Chariots,” and it’s chock-full of the classic KRNE vibes and sounds many have come to know and love.

“Chariots” starts off nice and slow, establishing a chill atmosphere from the beginning. A soft, muffled kick drives the beat forward, supported by lines of chords that work together to create a simple yet satisfying intro. The first drop gives us a beautiful, chill rhythm backed by a simple but commanding drum line. He uses his “signature” synth on this one, resulting in a sound that I can only describe as “KRNE.” The interlude brings a groovy little bassline to the mix, maintaining interest in the song while not over-complicating things before the almighty second drop. This is where KRNE’s genius¬†really shines, as he adds a double-time synth line on top to really move the song ahead. However, the simple kick remains in the background, making a very energetic sound fit the laid-back¬†atmosphere of the track. KRNE really nailed it with “Chariots,” as it shows he can keep his classic sound while still bringing something new and exciting to the table.

Stream below and hear for yourself, or click HERE for Free Download!