Ever since I wrote up their Shojo EP, I’ve been keeping my eye on this duo 2ToneDisco. Aside from being a mainstay at nearly every Play Me Records party in Los Angeles, including #SADBASS 2.0 on July 22, their productions continue to improve in quality and scope.

Beautifully arpeggiated chords and a quintessential future bass tone permeate this track, giving it a full body and rich quality – much like a French onion soup. Those hi hats are undoubtedly the chopped onions, giving the track that savory flavor, and hitting you ever once in a while – not overpowering, but necessary to the recipe. The synths act as broth, bringing all the flavors together, acting as a catalyst for everything to meld and build up a cohesive flavor. The vocal chops act as bread and cheese, layered on top of the soup after it’s done cooking to give it a little extra character.

Throw it in the oven (export) to let the cheese melt over everything (master) and there you have your finished product. Enjoy, but be careful. Product may be hot.

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french onion soup