Hungarian student Bence Agoston has just created a 3D-printed pair of glasses that allow the wearer to customize endless colorful patterns of psychedelic visuals similar to the regular rave shades. Invented as part of a first-year school assignment, his MOOD glasses have the potential to invade the dance music culture and become the newest and coolest way to experience the stages’ light shows.


The glasses’ frame is 3D printed, while the interchangeable, UV-filtered lenses are made of a thin and transparent material. There are three small lens slits on each side, and the filters can be rotated around their center point for a kaleidoscope effect.


With six different lens groups to choose from, the pattern possibilities are limitless. There are also completely clear filters for regular use.

The shape is designed at the aim of simplicity and the distinctness, that the wearer belongs to a kind of subculture. The imaginative ideal situation is during a travel, when people listen to music, just looking out the window and  watching the ever-changing sight, in a perfect harmony with the music.
Agoston has said that the MOOD glasses will be available to order within a few weeks.