The Internet contains years of media history, and sometimes one can find obscure songs and videos from major artists years before they became popular. Oliver Heldens only recently hit it big in the electronic music scene, but years ago he spent his days in the Netherlands dancing jumpstyle to amateur EDM tracks. Courtesy of a recent interview Insomniac conducted with Heldens’ own mother and financial advisor Elaine Schaap, a video capturing a 12-year-old Heldens practicing his now-iconic dance moves has been resurrected from the annals of the web.

When asked about her favorite childhood memory of her son, Schaap replied by describing a memory of a young Heldens and his brother Lars dancing jumpstyle in their home country of the Netherlands. Their dance moves were captured on an amateur video, uploaded to Youtube on July 24, 2007 under the account name “JumpDevils.”

Schaap also mentioned that the boys who lived next door helped make the video and used a demo version of production program FL Studio to create an accompanying soundtrack. It’s not clear if Heldens himself had any hand in producing the song, but an interesting credit may point to the talents from another now-famous producer. The video credits a DJ Marti with the creation of the video’s track, titled “Reverse Jump”, and his real name happens to be Martijn. Turns out none other than fellow Dutch producer Martin Garrix shares the Martijn name, and Garrix even went by DJ Marty in his early days.

We’ll continue to speculate, but you can watch the early days of Heldens’ infectious dance moves in the video below:

H/T: Insomniac