In tribute to his breaching of 4,000 Soundcloud followers, ΛIRWAV has just released a free to download original piece with contributing vocals by Hvnnibvl. Known for his sample-laced, complex future bass creations, ΛIRWAV’s production prowess and attention to detail facilitate a noticeable divide between him and those similar. Titled “Nights Like This,” his most recent track comes as an atmospheric and multi-faceted swayer.

It begins with piano chords and distant vocal swells, leading into a confidently approaching arpeggio and wide stings of sound. A simple snare pattern takes us to a thunderous punch of horn and warbled synths that rest over a tight percussion arrangement. Kanye West samples and other vocal cuts can be heard circling the space as the break continues, eventually escaping into an abyss of delayed syllables. A short drum fill brings us back into the drop, satiating the listener with hi hat rolls and punchy hits.

This track can be downloaded for free here.