Come on… do I really even have to say anything?

Look at those names. Do you need to hear any more?

I will say one thing though: grab a diaper.


12th Planet:

“True OG is one of those song that reminds you of a crazy night that you have out on the town with a bunch of your friends. The collaboration in itself is us 3 in my studio, just having a good time. We were drinking beer, and smoking True OG Kush while the magic was happening! This is a must play for all the heads that like that Head Nod shit!”

50 Carrot:

“This collaboration was one of those moments where three crazy producers are in the studio, and within minutes we knew this track was going to be special. We each added our own vibe and flavor to the track and the end result is a straight monster that I’m proud to have made made with the homies 12th Planet and Megalodon.”


“True OG is the perfect blend of all our styles to create one big monster of a track. All done during a hazy studio session at 12th planets ;)”