The reigning #1 DJ thinks his time at the top might be over after this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 voting comes to an end. In a recent interview with MTV, Hardwell commented on his favorite DJs and of course his fellow Dutchman Martin Garrix came up.

As a DJ I think he’s been flawless these last few years and in the studio he’s making fantastic music, which really has this amazing vibe and energy to it when played in clubs. His experience is really shining through; he has all the makings of a number one.

Paired with other statistical speculation, it really looks like Garrix can and should be the #1 DJ in the world this year, but stranger things have happened in the poll. Hardwell also commented on the growing state of EDM in other areas of the world besides Europe, North and South America, and Australia. It seems India is gaining momentum and has caught the eye of Hardwell in more ways than one.

Connecting with my fans in India, whether at shows or via social media, has always shown me how special the passion in the country is. Not just for music, but for life. I’m happy that this time I will be returning to India won’t be to put on another tour event, but to be part of a project that is about celebrating life, and more importantly building a foundation to making a social difference to young kids in the country.

Read the full interview – which includes Hardwell’s thoughts on Calvin Harris – here.



Photo: Krystal Spencer